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Road Trip to Leh Day 16 - Leh to Keylong - enroute Manali

Updated: May 3, 2018

Leh to Manali is just 475 kms and we need to cross Rohtang Pass and hence we decided to stop over at Keylong in Spiti Valley.

Surely 360 kms in 1 day is easy!! Hmmm. Sometimes things aren't that easy!! Are they?

We left by 7:30 am post a good breakfast and after filling up gas, our first stop was Thiksey monastery. We were very lucky to attend their prayers and by 8:30 am we were on our way.

175 kms from Leh we had super 2 lane roads. And then the roads just disintegrated. We completed the first 175 kms in 3 hours and from there on began the bone rattling ride.

The balance 185 kms took us 9 hours.....yes!! There was just nothing even close to a road; all we had was stones, mud and water. It's like they forgot to make a road or there's a dispute between JK and HP govts on who should build the road!! We had more "shakes" in the car than there are in the whole Middle East!!🤣

We reached keylong by 8:00 pm. My back was completely stiff and the kids joined Lakshmi in giving it a well needed massage. Thank god for the massage and Moov, I hit the bed hard. The kids were in good spirits through the ride; thank god for that.

Tomorrow we attempt to cross Rohtang and I'm just praying they have roads - forget good, i just want roads.

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