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Road Trip to Leh Day 14 - Turtuk to Diskit

Imagine going to sleep and waking up in another country. No, you aren't sleeping in a plane or ship but in your own house. On December 16, 1971 that's what happened when this town and a few others part of Baltistan became part of India from Pakistan.

Turtuk is the northern most village and was only opened to tourists in 2011 and we are very lucky to be able to come here.

We decided to start the day late and by 9:30 am started our tour of this lovely village - Turtuk. First we went north to the last point in India. Just 10 kms away is the LOC. The Maratha regiment is there and they were all very friendly.

Then we drove back to Turtuk which is very small and even had its own king who gave us a tour of the "palace". Everyone is very friendly and we enjoyed walking around - plucking cherries, mulberries, apricots and lavender.

Crystal clear water from the mountains flows through the village - what a change from Cooum!! We had loads of fun.

Next stop - Hunder where double humped camel riding beckoned. We drove along slowly taking in every bit of the view.

Out night halt was Diskit and there's a beautiful monastery there, where they pray to Kali. We got a quick tour and off we went to our hotel.

Today was a relaxing day but it was amazing how beautiful this place and we couldn't be more thankful. Lakshmi and I sure would love to come back to this place - Nubra valley.

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