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Celebrating Markets

Markets cut all time high today.

Just 80 days ago on Dec 26, 2016, the markets hit 7900 levels. People who panicked on demonetisation and exited the markets would have missed this massive rally of 1200 points (+15%) in NIFTY alone.

Imagine how much individual stocks would have gone up.

An example - large cap stock Reliance Industries is up 25% since Dec 26!!

For the investors we manage, we actually went in added to their STP during the opportunity provided in both November and December 2016. After all, if we were ready to buy when Nifty is higher then why wouldn't we when it is lower!!

Remember we are buying for portfolios that are going to be held for the long term.Investment is not an emotional decision but one where we should be consistently investing in the markets.

That’s what we do in Banconus… Make Your Money Work for You!!

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