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What is Shree Ganesh teaching us?

When it comes to anything auspicious, many say “Shree Ganesh karte hain.” When people buy a new house, they start with Ganeshji; when kids get married, they start with Ganesh Vandana. But is buying a home just an event? Is getting our kids educated just a 3-5 year event??

Well, we start thinking of our house much earlier in our life, maybe as soon as we start earning. We start planning for kid’s bright future much earlier. And all this preparation is all about money management.

After all every dream has a price tag.

Most investors think of starting investing only when the past returns look very good. They think that the returns will go up further. But markets, being cyclical in nature, always come down after highs and go up after lows. Today we are in lower markets. You will get things cheaper.

Well, apply this in your investment life - what is your world? What matters to you? Are you interested in knowing what is going to happen in markets next week or month or year; what decision will the finance minister take; what will happen to the trade war between China and USA??

I mean, do these things really matter in the long run?

What matters is your world - your life, your retirement, your kids, your dreams. So let's focus and take smart decisions. Equity investments have given great returns in the long run...keep yourself focused on that.

Source: Economic Times

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