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Need to understand the Monsters

Everyone needs to read this very difficult article. 50 children are raped each day...that’s 2 every hour.

As citizens and parents there’s a sense of helplessness that we need to overcome. Step 1 of this is to understand the predator.

Spot the Predator

1. Be wary of people who exhibit anger outbursts, verbal and physical violence without provocation

2. Beware of adult males showering a child with attention, treats, gifts, trips to places that children enjoy, or special privileges. Paedophiles are charming to children

3. Watch out for touching—hugs and pats, wrestling, tickling, playing hide and seek in the dark, drying a child off with a towel, massaging, playing physical games, cuddling—by relatives, acquaintances, neighbours, teachers and coaches. Go with your instincts if anything bothers you about someone who spends extra time with your child

4. Child molesters seem to enjoy, and often collect, images of children engaged in typical childhood activities. Be cautious of people who enthusiastically photograph children who are not their own

5. Notice if someone asks a child to do something that involves being alone together; or is enticed away from others by an invitation, for help, directions, to play, search for someone or something lost

6. Children have been lured into dangerous situations by people using online services to make contact. They start as harmless exchanges, but become increasingly sexual in content

7. It is a common trick for people to pretend that a fire, accident, illness, death or some other emergency has happened to the child’s family, home or to a friend. Or that there has been a change in plans, and he/she is to pick up the child

8. Pay attention if your child seems scared of physical contact, starts getting nightmares or other changes in sleep pattern, suddenly becomes less talkative

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