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Day1: Dibrugarh to Aalo

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

We had a lovely breakfast at the Mancotta Tea Estate bungalow. Mancotta Tea Estate is located between the town of Dibrugarh in Upper Assam & the Jokai Reserved Forest. It is predominantly brimming with shiny golden tips and is apparently much sought after by tea connoisseurs.

We had planned to leave at 9 am but one of the vehicles had some issues and hence we left only by 1030am. We drove along the mighty Brahmaputra and the views were to die for....the roads were beautiful and the convoy of 5 cars did cover good distances.

We crossed into Arunachal by 2 pm and we had lunch at Pasighat. And then by sunset at 5 pm, we stopped for tea...we then started out the last stretch to Aalo...Just 26 km...surely we'd get there soon... but not to roads whatsoever and it was pitch dark...took us 3 hours. Most of us knew all our bones by the end of the drive ...

We reached this beautiful homestay called Reyi Homestay, in complete darkness and post a lovely dinner....crashed.

Early start tomorrow as we need to head to Mechuka.

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