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Day 7: Bomjir to Roing

The homestay we were staying in was right on the we could have just spent the day walking along the river. It was a beautiful day and today was going to be spent doing fun and rafting. Shorts that were lying unused for a week came out.

We drove through the beautiful Brahmaputra and on the river and alongside its riverbed ... off-roading as if we hadn't been on bad roads already. It was a beautiful ride as the jeeps swallowed all the stones.....see the videos and you will get an idea. Water rafting was on the menu next. I'm a bit scared of the I'm not such a good swimmer. But what the heck....u don't get to row every day on the Brahmaputra. Next 2 hours was just pure bliss...

It was one of the first days we reached our destination...Mishmi Hill Camp in Roing by sunset!!

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