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Day 6: Aalo to Bomjir

Google maps showed that we had a 10-hour drive to Bomjir but our guides were confident that we would get there early.

We left by 930am post refuelling....we had many stops en route ....small villages for tea where we are awesome brinjal pakoras and drank coffee and tea...for which she didn't even take any money. Most of our lives we are so focused on our destination that we forget about the journey. It is in places like these, remote, bad roads that enjoying the journey is a key part of the holiday.

The drive was beautiful and we had so many beautiful sights en route. The sight where the Brahmaputra joined the plains was just mesmerizing.

We crossed the Sikang river bridge which is known by various names such as talon in Idu Mishmi. The bridge connects Bomjir to Mali Bosti and the bridge is clearly of strategic importance to Indian defence. This is the second-longest bridge above water in India with 6.2 km long after Dr. Bhupen Hazarika bridge which is 9.15 km.

The roads were beautiful for the most part and we reached our hotel again post-sunset.

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