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Day 5: Mechuka to Aalo

Goodby Mechuka....till next time.

We are heading to Bomjir but the 600 km trip needs to be split in 2 days ....roads only permit that speed, which meant one more night in Aalo. Aalo, formerly Along, is at the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It is a very small town with a population of about 20K people. The majority of the population consist of Galo people and Galo is the main language here.

We started the day by visiting a local primary school and one more hanging bridge....rickety old one but still in use by the locals.

A vehicle issue meant departure was delayed till 1130am and this meant everything got delayed ...we got to the hotel in Aalo by 9 pm. Reyi homestay where we stayed a few days ago was full we were booked in a hotel. The hotel has large rooms but we were told that there's a discotheque upstairs....instead of lullaby it was rock music tonight!!

Tomorrow we start early Bomjir.

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