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Day 3 : Venice to Ljubljana

Bid adieu to Venice as we boarded a bus to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The 3.5 hour bus ride was smooth, and easy. Of all the various buses available, Flixbus is cheaper and had the best connections. We caught the bus at the Venice airport and after a smooth 3.5 hour ride, we were in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

This is my Country #76.

We dropped our bags at our hotel and ventured into this beautiful city.



Slovenia has a very interesting history of being part of various kingdoms till attaining independence in 1991.

Ljubljana is a beautiful city and we spent the day meandering through the city stopping for coffee, fruits, ice cream, curios and food...just the way we love.

Beautiful Statues in the middle of the city welcomed us.

Closed the day with ice cream at Vigo...yummy!!

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