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BIG BILLION DAY 10th to 15th October

Venue: 1) Flipkart 2) Amazon 3) BSE/NSE 4) Mutual Fund

Make a smart decision!

Either buy Assets from the stock market or Mutual Funds


Buy Liabilities from Flipkart or Amazon

Either Buy Jewellery on Flipkart Mrp Rs 1500 @ 50% discount Or Buy jewellery making company Titan at Rs 750 almost 50% discount

Either buy Branded Jeans or Shirt at 40% to 60% discount Or Buy shares of Raymond at Rs 650 @ 50% discount.

Either Buy Mi phone at 10% discount price Rs 15000. Or Buy 2 share of Maruti Suzuki @ Rs 7000.

More examples are there..I have just listed a few.

You work very hard to earn money. Choose wisely. Invest wiser.

Either buy Assets from stock market or Mutual fund which will make you richer tomorrow

Or Buy Liabilities from Flipkart or Amazon which will take your money away today!

Be a Smart Investor...

These discount days will soon be over...

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