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Variants and its impact

Markets across the world fell due to reports of a new Botswana variant of the Corona virus. Sensex fell by 3% on one day with the dow falling similarly. The WHO has labelled this a "variant of concern" and clearly this added to the gloom across the markets.

Indian markets have had a one way ride and remained resilient till this month where it has been on a continuous slide, down by 7%. The pricey valuations of the markets hasn't helped with the FII pulling about US$ 1.3 billion exacerbating the slide.

Paytm's listing was a huge flop show sinking 27%. It is a great reminder that investing is not about FOMO but about underlying valuations and investors should keep this in mind..ALWAYS.

What should Investors do?

Investing is not about timing; no one can predict it all the time. It is sticking with your process ensuring that money works towards your goals.

Focus on your Asset Allocation and let the short term market moves not impact the journey.

Source: Moneycontrol

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