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Tee off with Ramkey - An 18 part series

In an 18 part series, I plan to share some of the key learnings and perspectives that I have gained from working for 20 years in 10 different countries around the world.

As an avid golfer, my intent on the golf course is about launching the ball to a long-distance avoiding many pitfalls like the rough, bunker and water on the way. Similarly, I'm hoping that my perspectives can help launch some of you into whatever future you wish to create for yourself.

The number 18 has its own significance too in India. According to the Katapayadi Sankhya Sastram, JAYA equates to 18. In other words, 1 and 8 can be related to the alphabets in the Sanskrit script. Incidentally, the number 1 represents ‘ya’ and 8 represents ‘ja’ which ends up with the word “Jaya” meaning victory. So these numbers are used extensively to attach the positive vibration from the word that it actually relates to.

I hope my learnings actually help in making you victorious.

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