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Day 3 INSTC rally - Moscow to Voronezh

A quick breakfast and we were off at 745am. About 525kms beckoned as we set off to Voronezh, a city that got its name from the river on whose bank it is. 

Jugaad is a very famous indian word that signifies a new way of thinking about innovation. It's a way of making do with minimal resources to achieve results. 

The route had very few eating places. We stopped at one that had food but no ability to serve 50 hungry people. Hmm. Out came the bread, sweet bun and 5 small bowls of salad. Definitely not enough for all.  Out came food stuff from inside our cars. Someone had Sago and within minutes we had taken over the restaurant and were cooking sago khichadi for all.

525 kms done in 11 hours. Rally speeds are slow.

Stomachs full we set off to Vorozneh and reached there by 630pm. Quick walk around the place and headed to sleep after quick dinner.

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