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Day 2 : Venice

We were booked Best Western Titian, next to the airport. It is a basic hotel but was very convenient. We left our hotel around 8am and spent the entire day walking around Venice.

Pro Tip: Use your phone app to buy tickets as you stand in San Marco to visit the various sites rather than stand in queues.

Our itinerary for the day


The Doge's palace was closed sadly as it was May 1. But we visited all the other key sites - Piazza San Marco, Saint Mark's Basilica, the Rialto Bridge and rode around the canals. We had already done a Gondola ride last time; skipped this time.

We are in Italy what can we say about the food and drinks....yummy.

We are dead tired but tomorrow I get to add another country to my list, at last.

An early morning bus ride awaits....

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